affilinet news – Affiliate marketing company pioneers new connection between advertisers and affiliates

London, 15.02.2017 - An affiliate marketing network has rolled out the second phase of a new platform that connects advertisers with affiliates for promotional purposes, debuting a first-of-its-kind system that will enable the advertisers to profile, segment and share appropriate content with the likes of bloggers, content websites and voucher or discount sites.

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affilinet news- New content sharing platform provides a one-stop content shop for Advertisers and Affiliates

London, 09.08.2016 - A new platform extension has been launched by a UK affiliate marketing network to solve the content accessibility problems faced by affiliates, providing a sophisticated content management system that allows advertisers to automate the sharing process to relevant affiliates.

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affilinet news: Top Ten Social Media Accounts Most Likely To Be Followed By Millennials

London, 19.07.2016 - New research has revealed the social media accounts that millennials are most likely to follow, finding that money saving accounts are the most popular; closely followed by holiday/travel and political accounts.

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affilinet news: Power Of Pinterest: One in Ten Britons Are Influenced By Social Media Every Day

London, 28.06.2016 - A recent survey has shed light on how much Britons feel influenced by accounts on social media, with 10% of Britons agreeing that they are influenced by social media every single day. Further to this, the survey revealed that, while both genders are most likely to follow money saving accounts over all others, holiday/travel and political accounts come in second and third place for men; while women were shown to be more likely to connect with pet/animal and food/beverage related accounts.

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affilinet news: Two Thirds of Retailers Want To Work More Closely With Social Media Influencers

London, 23.05.2016 - New research has found that two thirds of ecommerce retailers want to work more closely with social media influencers, with the majority believing that their brand appearing on influential social media accounts would ‘vastly improve’ their marketing efforts.

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affilinet news: affilinet integrate OBA AdChoices icon

London, 12.04.2016 - The UK division of affilinet has integrated the OBA AdChoices icon into all of their customer-centric advertising; giving customers the choice to opt out of targeted ads displayed to them as a result of their browsing history.

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affilinet news: affilinet launch Assist tool for Publishers

London, 23.03.2016 - A statistics tool which improves clarity in the performance marketing process has been expanded to offer publishers a transparent view on the sales they have won and lost, and to whom they have lost out to.

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affilinet news: affilinet launch affilinet Assist

London, 23.02.2016 - affilinet launch its new streamlined reporting dashboard- affilinet Assist, bringing greater insight into the customer journey for advertisers.

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Christian Würst is appointed as new CEO

UK, 23.09.2015 - With effect from the 1st October 2015, Christian Würst takes on the position of CEO of the United Internet subsidiary affilinet. Therefore, he is responsible for one of the largest affiliate networks in Europe, with more than 2,500 advertisers, and over 700,000 publishers (affiliates). Christian Würst has been a member of the affilinet management board for a year.

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Hotel Chocolat launches with affilinet

London, 18.08.2015 - We are excited to announce that Hotel Chocolat, the award-winning British cocoa grower and chocolatier and Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club have launched new and exclusive affiliate marketing programs with affilinet.

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