Affiliate marketing offers advertisers the opportunity to effectively and sustainably grow their business online by working with publishers to target customers at every stage of the online purchasing journey. It’s a highly measurable form of online marketing, ultimately enabling advertisers to work purchases, leads or clicks generated back to a target ROI.

affilinet’s experienced team of market experts uses their in-depth industry knowledge and takes into consideration advertiser’s individual business objectives and the maturity of their online marketing in order to develop integrated performance strategies and grow businesses online.

The platform offers access to a handpicked network of publishers, featuring over 500,000 partners across Europe across a range of channels. In addition, the technology tracks, reports and manages payment for all actions and provides detailed statistics and a broad range of solutions to optimise activity and ultimately grow revenue.

affilinet is renowned for the quality of its network; our publisher screening process is one of the most thorough in the business and our strict quality management ensure that all partnerships and promotions are in line with your brand and marketing strategy.  



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