Clients are living in a multi-channel, multi-device, multi-screen world and advertisers need to be able to reach consumers across all these channels. At affilinet, we use our industry knowledge and experience to work with advertisers on an individual basis to determine a strategy that’s right for their business.

From the outset, our team works with each client to understand the individual needs of their business and forecast the revenue we can drive as well as the potential value of their program. We offer a range of services to advertisers depending on the level of service required and four tiers of account management – Self Managed, Premium Self Managed, Account Managed and Key Account Managed. Each tier has a different level of service and support from the affilinet team and we work with the advertiser to determine the tier of account management appropriate for their business.

These may include:

  • Basic consultancy service to include advice on appeal of creative, categorisation, frequency of creative updates needed, product data requirements and other client specifications.
  • Review and analysis of general program settings (commission, rate structure, tiered commission, channel rates, creative, program text) and advice on how to optimise these settings.
  • Consultancy on relevant publishers and where applicable recruitment of publishers.
  • Fully supported seamless migration process from other platforms.
  • Testing of tracking solution.
  • Basic and advanced levels of training on the affilinet interface.
  • Technical support with full integration.
  • Promotion in “what’s new” section of the publisher interface and newsletter as well as access to other promotional tools available at that time.
  • Set-up of billing and payment processes.
  • Advanced consultancy service to include advice on integration with overall marketing plan and how improvements can be made to the website to aid conversion.
  • Detailed 6 month launch plan including pre-launch process and week-by-week tasks if required.

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