Mobile commerce is one of the fastest growing customer acquisition channels. Its share of total sales has long reached double figures – continuously growing. Technology is transforming our shopping habits and we have now reached the mobile tipping point with goods increasingly purchased and sold via the mobile channel. This is reflected by an increase in the number of business models and publishers in the mobile sector, meaning advertisers now have a broad range of options for targeting prospects with relevant mobile advertising campaigns.

Providing a fully optimised mobile experience will attract publishers, enhance the customer experience and ensure user-friendly shopping, which in turn increases mobile lead generation. Constantly updated to accommodate new technologies, practices and user behaviour patterns, our mobile marketing platform ensures you will be ready for this industry shift and can effectively leverage performance marketing to fully exploit the rapidly emerging mobile advertising networks and ensure the sustainable growth of your business

Mobile Tracking

Once the tracking code is integrated within your mobile site, affilinet's advanced and proven tracking technology tracks activity on publisher and advertiser websites. As one of Europe's largest networks with knowledge of the latest mobile advertising trends, we offer mobile affiliate solutions that use a range of standards to reliably track and credit conversions across all channels, touch points and devices using state-of-the-art systems that cover all stages of the customer journey.

Mobile App Tracking

affilinet advertisers now have access to our Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) to efficiently and effectively market and monetise their apps on a performance basis. The affilinet mobile advertising SDK provides cookieless granular level tracking of all actions in the mobile app environment (app downloads, in-app purchases and other in-app events) and is available for iOS and Android. The affilinet SDK also supports basket tracking and retargeting, allowing advertisers to further leverage the unique capabilities of mobile devices and enhance their mobile advertising growth.

Vouchers in Mobile Commerce

Voucher codes can play a valuable role in driving foot traffic, encouraging impulse buys and motivating your mobile audience to complete transactions in-store. Targeting mobile consumers with location-based offers as they pass a store is a great way to engage shoppers and positively impact in-store sales growth.

Device Statistics

In the mobile sector in particular, it has become crucial to track additional variables above and beyond type and size/format of creative, such as the operating system, browser and device used. Our advanced device detection captures all key parameters to generate robust audience analytics and deliver deep actionable insights into the audience of your mobile marketing campaign. affilinet Device Statistics is a powerful reporting tool that makes it easy for you to see which programs are performing well and which activities are making money. Detailed diagrams and tables show brand, model, browser, browser version and operating system used by customers for


How to make your web offering mobile ready:
How to make your web offering mobile ready:

1. Integrate the affilinet tracking pixel on your mobile website

2. Use our mobile affiliate tracking solutions for app download and sales tracking

3. Search the affilinet network for suitable mobile publishers

How to make your web offering mobile ready:
  •  Access to new mobile advertising-centric publishers
  • Cross-channel tracking solutions enable true user-level reach and identification across all consumer touch points for maximum impact
  • Leverage our mobile-centric platform to extend audience reach and prospecting, boost sales and generate leads
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, boost conversions and increase return visits using retargeting and post impression tracking technology on mobile



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