To generate an optimal return on investment, affiliate marketing needs to be increasingly client centric, insight driven and intelligent. affilinet considers the individual objectives of each advertiser and optimises the customer journey from brand awareness to purchase. Utilising our broad range of approved publishers across a variety of business models enables advertisers to reach customers at every stage of the purchasing journey.

Creating an affiliate marketing program that is measured on a CPA (pay on results) basis gives advertisers the ability to easily measure ROI from their ecommerce spend. Our expert team helps advertisers to determine the ideal rates for their programs and campaigns to match individual needs and business KPIs. Details on payment models can be found here.

When setting up a program, advertisers provide creative, select publishers to partner with and make sure tracking is integrated. The affilinet team can offer advice on all of these aspects. Click here to find out more about the services we provide to advertisers and agencies.



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