Advertisers leverage our performance platform to offer creatives such as product feeds and affiliate banners to their selected publishers. Our technology then makes it easy for publishers to simply select and integrate them into their websites. Creatives are automatically linked (known as deep-linking) to an advertiser's website, redirecting the shopper directly to the relevant product or category page, thus optimising conversion rates.

There are a variety of advertising creatives that publishers find particularly compelling and creatives can be supplied according to what's most appropriate for an advertiser's program or product offering, including:

  • Affiliate banners in all IAB standard ad unit sizes
  • Text links to products that can be integrated seamlessly into written content
  • Product data feeds featuring product information such as image, price, description, etc.
  • Newsletter templates for email activity
  • Flash films and video ads with featured product placements

affilinet can also provide the service of preparing creatives on behalf of the advertiser—prices can be requested on demand through the advertiser's contact within the Client Service Team. The team are also on hand to offer advice on creative design and optimisation.

How can banners further my affiliate marketing strategy

Affiliate banners are among the most attractive affiliate marketing solutions; allowing advertisers to grab the attention of customers and increase website traffic. Banners further affiliate marketing strategies by providing compelling creatives that publishers can integrate seamlessly into their websites and other publishing outlets. Dynamic, multimedia banners for affiliates help showcase your products and services in a professional and engaging way, encouraging the user to click and complete actions that benefit your business. By combining a number of affiliate marketing approaches, including affiliate banners, advertisers can reach wider audiences through a variety of online portals.

How can I monitor the success of my campaigns

Monitoring the success of your campaigns with your affiliates is crucial to any online marketing campaign. affilinet makes it easy to manage your partnerships and programs with our powerful management interface. Here, you can review your performance at a glance, arrange bespoke commercial agreements with publishers, foster new relationships with preferred publishers, implement seasonal promotions and ensure your publishers are remunerated promptly and accurately.

Additionally, affilinet offers standard and mobile tracking through cookies so you can easily monitor sales, leads, and clicks generated through your affiliate banners and links. Cookie tracking is among the most reliable and common forms of affiliate tracking, accurately logging customer behaviour once an advert is viewed online. These features complement comprehensive reporting that helps you to evaluate the development of your programs and campaigns through key metrics. Contact the affilinet team today to learn more about how affiliate marketing can help your business succeed and grow.

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