affilinet’s strong belief that there is a huge opportunity to rectify this situation and diversify the affiliate base into the mid- and long-tail has led us to release the first in a series of intelligent ad formats, Performance Ads and Performance Links.  Coupled with a new affiliate communications strategy and improved sign-up process it is our aim to drive more sales from the long-tail of affiiliates, and bring new publishers and bloggers into the marketplace.

Performance Ads - automated, targeted display advertising within the affiliate channel

Traditionally affiliate network creatives only feature one brand and have been placed contextually by publishers; in other words a publisher needs to apply to each and every affiliate programme and wait to be accepted, then they effectively hard code a banner against specific content, unless they are using an ad server.  This means that visitors to specific page can only ever see the message of one brand, regardless of whether that is relevant to them.  affilinet believes this approach lowers publishers’ earnings and is reflected in the results of the OPM study already mentioned.

In contrast to the above approach, Performance Ads allows publishers to take just one ad code per ad unit on their site, it then uses intelligent, data-driven, customer-led targeting to serve the right message, at the right time, to the right person.  This latest product release by affilinet allows advertisers to automate the long tail of affiliates, enabling true reach that cannot be bought via trading desks or other sources.

How it works:

Performance Links - native advertising technology

Affiliates are always looking for more engaging and subtle ways to connect with consumers from an advertising perspective, so the second element within affilinet’s long tail toolbox is its automated native advertising technology.  This user-friendly tool enables affiliates to integrate one ad code (as with Performance Ads) and hold a relationship with multiple advertisers. In this case the ad code automatically applies tracking links to relevant keywords that are not already hyperlinked across the affiliate’s site. Other formats are planned to follow soon including image and video.

Advertisers are welcome to contact our consultants for advice on how our intelligent ad formats can work for their business.




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