Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for advertisers to manage partnerships and monitor activities across the entire affiliate marketing chain, leaving time for the important tasks of building an encompassing strategy and optimising program profitability.

The interface provides all the information needed to promote programs to publishers, record sales and leads generated as well as optimise program performance. Platform functionality enables advertisers and agencies to:

Review program performance at a glance.
The interface offers comprehensive real-time online reporting facilities, including statistics by day, by publisher and by creative over arbitrary timeframes with a rich set of filetering and comparison capabilities.

Arrange bespoke commercial agreements with publishers to optimise program performance.
The rate management tool offers complete control and transparency regarding the commercials in place with individual affiliates.

Build relationships with selected publishers.
The publisher communication tools can be used to get to know the publisher base and communicate up-to-the-minute offers and incentives.

Make seasonal promotions more effective.
The creative scheduling wizard enables advertisers to pre-set creative in order to optimise seasonal peaks and minimise program drop off.

Ensure publishers are rewarded in a timely fashion.
The order managment suite ensures advertisers have access to a clearly structured overview of all ongoing orders and offers an efficient sale and lead validation process, which can also be automated using our API.

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