Product feeds are a great way of enabling publishers to showcase products, engage more consumers and drive sales conversions online. Publishers integrate the advertiser product data into banners or website content and on clicking the product, the consumer is taken directly to the product page of the relevant online shop, ultimately driving increased conversions.

Product feeds are a great way of ensuring that publishers always have up-to-date, standardised product data, which is made available via a source URL and imported to the affilinet database. A single product feed can contain up to 1 million products, enabling publishers to personalise content that is relevant to users and tailor display ads according to size, colour, category and/or price. By adapting their online creative to offer shoppers more personalised and relevant content, publishers are able to engage with more specific target audiences and increase sales conversion. Publishers can use automated APIs to specify the frequency with which the product feed is collected and updated and can choose between uploading CSV and XML file formats, making it an extremely flexible and convenient way of working.

The dynamic integration of product feeds ensures that creative is always up-to-date and helps yield optimum click and conversion rates. Whether advertiser or publisher - product feeds are great for those looking to automate processes and reduce manual input. Simply provide the data as a product feed and let the affilinet team and our publishers take care of the rest! 

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