Our customers know that in terms of security and transparency, our affiliate marketing network is second to none.  We connect advertisers with publishers and industry partners  who are trusted and reflect their brand values online.

affilinet is an ethical affiliate network and has a vigorous anti spyware, anti fraud policy. To enforce this we have a number of compliance technologies, processes and workflows in place. Our publisher monitoring and approval processes has been rigorously enforced for over 17 years, from detailed checks on registration to the network and individual programs, ongoing quality control and individual program monitoring. As well as having access to an excellent range of tools that enhance partnership transparency, such as detailed statistics, data on traffic origin and a wealth of data on our publishers and programs with contact options, our advertisers are also able to check the quality of individual publishers prior to approval on to their program.

affilinet is an active member of local industry bodies, including the IAB legislation and standards committees. affilinet is also committed to enforcing the IAB Voucher Code - Code of Conduct ensuring that voucher traffic sent from publisher sites to merchants is not misleading or confusing and that consumers receive a good user experience, ultimately reflecting positively for the brands we work with.

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