affilinet advertisers can monitor and evaluate the development of programs and campaigns using the key metrics available - impressions, clicks, leads and sales - via the account interface. The platform offers access to a comprehensive range of statistics evaluation and reporting tools that makes it easy to see which programs are performing well and  activities that are generating revenue.

The interface offers advertisers maximum flexibility to adapt and compare statistics according to their individual requirements, whether that's by time, by creative or by order status. In addition, our reporting tools can allow advertisers to track defined KPIs and gain deeper insight into customer behaviour, depending on how much information they would like to pass within the tracking code and whether basket tracking is implemented. Key calculations can be made and automated to be delivered on a regular basis using our reporting API available within the interface. Examples of calculations can be seen below:

  • Return on Investment
  • Gross Booking Value
  • Click Through Rate
  • Deletion rate
  • Performance by product
  • Performance by publisher channel / split by business model    
  • Year on Year, Month on Month growth across all KPIs
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, annual performance across KPIs
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