In the 20 years since affilinet launced, our 30-strong development team have been continually developing our proprietary technology and affiliate tracking software to reflect the evolving business needs of both our advertisers and affiliates. The state of the art system supports real-time tracking of all sales and leads to ensure that advertisers have an actual overview of sales, leads and clicks generated through their affiliate marketing programs.

Our platform supports all regular methods of affiliate tracking and we strive to keep up-to-date with the newest developments. Tracking with cookies is the most common and reliable form of tracking used in performance marketing. This means a cookie is dropped on every consumer's device once they've viewed an advert online and if they go on to complete an action such as a purchase on the advertiser’s site, even after a prolonged period, the cookie is  attributed to the appropriate publisher. Other methods exist that don't use cookies, and these can be seen in the drop-downs below.

Basic tracking requirements are simple to integrate within advertiser's websites and more complex processes such as basket tracking can be implemented according to the advertiser needs. Our experienced team are able to support the entire integration process and ongoing developments in tracking. The platform can integrate with all major third party affiliate tracking providers such as DoubleClick’s DART for Advertisers, MediaPlex’s MOJO Adserver and Microsoft’s Atlas Solutions. affilinet is also fully aware of the enterprise class web analytics requirements of large clients and is integrated with services such as Coremetrics, Omniture and Webtrends.

Standard Tracking

Advertisers simply need to insert the relevant tracking code on the confirmation page of your website or online offering. This contains the affiliate tracking pixel, which tracks whether a website visitor sees, clicks and buys.

When a customer views the ad

The user visits the publisher website. As soon as the ad containing the affiliate tracking code is displayed, a cookie is dropped in a file on the visitor's computer. This contains the publisher ID, advertiser ID and the number of the ad, but no personal data. You can monitor and track impressions and see which advertiser ads have been viewed on which publisher websites on the affilinet network.

When a customer clicks the ad

A customer click is immediately registered on the affilinet platform. The existing cookie is updated with additional information, such as a click time stamp. The user is also immediately redirected to the advertiser website.

When a customer completes a purchase or registers

If the visitor then goes and completes a purchase on the advertiser website or performs another action (such as registering to receive more information), this is registered on the affilinet interface, which will then determine where the user came from (i.e. which publisher and website) and the time of the click from the tracking cookie on the computer of the user. On completion of the transaction, the advertiser site forwards information to the affiliate tracking tool specifying the level of commission to be paid to the publisher and other parameters, such as the order number and payment model used.

Publisher receives payment

As an advertiser you will need to confirm the successful purchase transaction of the shopper to ensure the relevant publisher's account is then credited with commission for the transaction.

Mobile Tracking

affilinet supports affiliate tracking on mobile sites provided that the tracking pixel code is in place; making it easier for advertisers to take advantage of the mobile channel to drive sales. Integration support can be provided by affilinet's team of experts.

In addition to mobile tracking, our affiliate platform can also offer advertisers the opportunity to track electronic voucher redemptions in store, be that retail or travel agents. This solution is available via select affilinet publishers, which offer mobile phone applications that integrate with Smartphone GPS technology. Voucher redemption would occur when the mobile device detects that the consumer is near to the geo-coded co-ordinates of the store. When this happens the voucher becomes redeemable. If activated the mobile device will then send a message to the publisher’s web server, which sends a server to server request to affilinet. The advantage of this solution is that affilinet does not require advertiser's POS systems to capture data, or to supply any subsequent data.

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