Few industries have experienced such exponential growth as the travel market in recent years. Tour operators, hoteliers, airlines and other travel providers are all facing the challenge of meeting the needs of an increasingly empowered, demanding and multi-channel customer base.

affilinet can help travel advertisers to identify the right market strategy to reach and engage their target audiences. Our reliable platform and international network of trusted publishers guarantees high-quality traffic and excellent conversion rates through the channel. Our publisher models include price comparison sites, e-mail, travel blog and content sites, meta search partners as well as loyalty, cashback, voucher code sites and more. By tailoring these models accordingly we are able to create programs and campaigns that offer extra value for the consumer, ultimately driving sales and generate leads for the advertiser.

We've invested a lot of years into building up our knowledge and experience in the sector and there are now over 300 travel companies working with affilinet across Europe. Companies including the likes of Thomas Cook, Thomas Cook Airlines, Sandals, Holiday Autos, Princess Cruises, Deutsche Bahn,  and more.

In addition, we offer a range of program management tools that are particularly relevant for travel advertisers, including the ability to provide an abundance of product data feeds, APIs and tracking tools that enable advertisers to drill down to the actual product sold.



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