Application programming Interfaces (APIs) give advertisers real-time access to the affilinet system enabling them to automate processes and integrate affilinet data in their own systems in real time thus saving time and aiding smarter affiliate marketing.

The APIs can be accessed through our user-friendly Web Services Portal, which offers open access to key data, such as orders, and processes to be automatically delivered and embedded into advertisers’ proprietary systems. We offer API codes in a range of programming languages including .NET, PHP and to a certain extent for JAVA for the pre-defined methods. And our APIs fall into several different categories, including.

Order APIs

Advertisers can use our order APIs to integrate affilinet order data into their in-house data warehouse, meaning they no longer need to log in to the affilinet platform to manually confirm transactions. "UpdateTransactionRequest" will display data in their in-house system, which can then be changed from "pending" to "confirmed" and copied back to the affilinet database. Order APIs enables advertisers to automate these processes and save valuable time.

Reporting APIs

Advertisers can set up and run their own statistic queries to compile custom reports. The automation of this process and grouping of key information saves valuable time and provides rich marketing intelligence that enables advertisers to optimise sales and marketing efforts to maximise revenue.

Further information can be found within the affilinet developer portal.

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