affilinet Assist is the new advertiser statistics tool which allows our clients to identify publishers who are adding value further down the sales funnel.

Today, users are increasingly using blogs, topic websites and comparison sites to research before a purchase, and these sites are playing a decisive role in the customer journey. However, these mid and long tail publishers are frequently driving interest at the beginning of the sales funnel and therefore don’t often benefit from the ‘last click wins’ affiliate model.

Identifying publishers which add value

Assist gives advertisers the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the value that affiliates have in the purchasing journey beyond the last click. The streamlined reporting allows advertisers to use data to better inform and adapt their affiliate marketing strategies.

The detailed view provides advertisers with information on the number of sales and leads as well as the revenue publishers have influenced.

affilinet Assist offers the following technical features:

  • Overview of assists and orders aggregated by business model
  • Overview of assists and orders aggregated by channel
  • Detailed overview of assists and orders per publisher

affilinet Assist is more than a new statistical feature

Assist offers advertisers important new KPIs which provide a valuable foundation for optimising marketing strategies and publisher- advertiser partnerships. Advertisers will be able to make informed decisions on the development of individual publishers and gain a greater understanding of each publishers individual value.

What are the benefits for me?
  • Access to new KPI’s
  • Greater data transparency across the customer journey
  • A foundation for new attribution strategies
  • Strengthens partnerships with long tail publishers



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