Advertisers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to their performance marketing activities and are intelligently using the channel not only to grow sales, but also to gain a detailed insight into their customers. The affilinet basket tracking feature is testament to this evolution. Advertisers can use it to track sales right down to individual product level, gaining an insight into customer buying behaviour, which enables them to optimise promotions accordingly, identify purchasing trends  and ultimately grow revenue from their affiliate program. The feature enables advertisers to:

  • Track sales of individual products or services (known as “articles”) as well as just transactions.
  • Articles can now not only be tracked according to standard information (article number, product name, category, unit price and amount) but also by up to five extra bespoke parameters according to the advertisers requirements e.g. size, colour etc.
  • The rate mapping tool enables advertisers to assign different commission levels by article category, sub category and on an individual product level to aid tactical promotions.
  • Track an unlimited amount of articles within a “basket” or transaction.
  • Process orders simply and efficiently through a variety of channels including the affilinet portal, CSV export & import and through the advertiser web services API. Processing can be automated within the web services.

To find out more about how to activate basket tracking on your program contact the affilinet team.

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