CallTrack is a pay per call solution, which enables advertisers who traditionally sell high value goods or services by phone, such as mortgage providers and premium travel agents, to pay commission to online publishers on the affilinet platform for generating telephone leads. CallTrack can be integrated with both existing and new affiliate marketing activity, or setup as a standalone solution. CallTrack also aligns well with the developing Smartphone marketplace, particularly applications.

Why track telephone calls?

Call tracking is particularly valuable for advertisers that have a complex product or service offering such as financial services providers, utilities companies and travel agents. These more considered buying decisions often require extra reassurance and may take too long to complete online. In this type of situation, once they have arrived at the advertiser’s website, consumers will often pick up the phone.

If that consumer is sent to the advertiser’s site and completes an action over the phone, the publisher which directed the customer to the advertiser site will not receive any commission. If this happens on a broader scale across an affiliate marketing program it will reduce the potential earnings per click (EPC) publishers can achieve and therefore limit the attractiveness of that advertiser’s program.

Providing a publisher with a CallTrack telephone number decreases the risk of leakage to offline channels therefore offering them an additional opportunity to monetise traffic and in turn increasing the attractiveness of your program.

How it works

1. CallTrack number is placed on the publisher website and is automatically served to the advertiser site if the visitor clicks through. Visitor to website dials the CallTrack number.

2. The allocated CallTrack number connects the call to the advertiser call centre. The action is tracked by affilinet.

3. The visitor is connected to the advertiser’s call centre. The call is considered qualified when the visitor has been connected for an agreed period. Publishers are paid an agreed commission for qualified calls.

The CallTrack interface

CallTrack calls and call backs are automatically updated within the affilinet interface to ease integrated reporting and invoicing. In addition the CallTrack management interface can be used to view enhanced call performance data including program level reporting and publisher and telephone number specific reporting. The CallTrack interface can also be used to manage the operational settings of your CallTrack activity such as call greeting, dialled number identification and call recording.

Combining Mobile and Call Tracking

With mobile commerce growing exponentialy, affilinet's goal is to help forward thinking publishers and advertisers take advantage of this increasingly important performance channel. CallTrack aligns well with the developing Smartphone marketplace, particularly applications.  Publishers can also therefore integrate CallTrack numbers within their application or mobile site to ensure advertisers are also capturing traffic from these devices.

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