Magento Module

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Magento Module

affilinet has launched the first in a series of eCommerce extension modules for the Magento store.  The affilinet module allows you to quickly and simply integrate and manage affilinet’s performance marketing functionality within your Magento store.

The module gives access to a highly-efficient network of online publishers whose primary objective is to drive traffic and sales to advertiser’s online stores.  The plugin integrates seamlessly with affilinet’s online services, meaning once you have installed the affilinet Magento module there is no further need to log into the affilinet platform to manage your affiliate program.

Whether you are a seasoned affiliate marketer or new to affiliate marketing the simple implementation process makes it easy to integrate affilinet’s performance offering within your established ecommerce platform.

There are the following benefits for advertisers:

  • Simple network sign-up
  • Access the affilinet’s pan-European network of online publishers
  • Integrated transaction management, display clicks, leads and orders generated by publisher. Advertisers can also validate orders driven by affilinet from within the Magento plugin.
  • Simple point and click integration of affilinet’s tools including:
    • Basket insight tracking- tracking at a basket level and customisation of what data is captured, for example in the case of fashion retail, the size or colour or an item
    • Retargeting- keeping your brand at the forfront of bounced traffic, recapturing users and bringing them back to your site.
    • Real time ad delivery optimisation- enabling sophisticated consumer targeting through the affiliate channel
    • Product data distribution platform - outputs a data feed of products, providing publishers with real time standardised product data.

To install affiliate marketing on your online store simply go to Magento Connect and search for ‘affilinet’.


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