Retargeting is a solution, which enables advertisers to convert customers that have, for whatever reason, left their websites without making a purchase. It enables the advertisers to serve that customer customised, targeted ads based on previous browsing behaviour to increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, aid conversions and increase return visits.  Studies show that retargeted customers are 70% more likely to complete a purchase than non-retargeted customers.

Similar products are commonly referred to as re-marketing and re-messaging and are usually sold via agencies and networks on a cost per thousand (CPM) basis. The technology enables companies to target consumers, who are in the process of purchasing products and services online, with relevant banner adverts.

affilinet have exclusively partnered with several retargeting publishers to offer retargeting on a cost per acquisition (CPA) business model. After integration of the affilinet container-tag the advertiser can choose between several retargeting technologies and publishers. This flexibility offered via a single affilinet container-tag delivers maximum results with minimum effort, including more customers, higher conversion and more revenue on a CPA basis.

We also offer advertisers the opportunity to work with email remarketing publishers to ensure that customers who have left the buying cycle are pushed a positive message in order to bring them back to convert via the affiliate channel.

The technologies allow for frequency capping and the ability to vary creatives to ensure that consumers are not shown repetitive advertising. To ensure these processes are in keeping with data and privacy legislation, personally identifiable data is not captured and users are offered the option to opt-out.

Retargeting has already proven extremely successful in a wide range of industries, including the finance, retail and travel sectors.

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