Today’s online consumers are increasingly savvy and bargain hunting online is an integral part of the purchasing process. Voucher code publishers have been a key player in that evolution and consumers often go straight to dedicated offer sites to start their purchasing journey.

affilinet offer both the tools and the expertise to help advertisers manage their voucher code strategy. The voucher code manager offers an efficient way to automatically communicate the latest codes and offers to the entire affiliate base or to individual affiliates. The automated RSS feed functionality ensures that affiliates are kept up-to-date with codes and offers. The affilinet publisher team are available to offer strategic advice on voucher code use, including considerations such as the general allocation of codes, timelines and brand control, as well as offering advice on how to distribute bespoke commissions and codes to protect tight margins and secure special placements.The benefits of voucher codes are clear:

  • Tap into high levels of strongly-converting traffic to increase sales volumes
  • Identify and target new, relevant customers who are actively looking to buy
  • Tailor codes to achieve objectives e.g. boost average order values or increase exposure seasonally
  • Tactically promote your products and services against competitors
  • Generate extra brand awareness through large affiliate sites and their marketing activities

affilinet play an instrumental role in the monthly IAB affiliate marketing council regulation committee and strive to ensure all affiliates are fully compliant with the IAB voucher code guidelines. The latest release of the voucher code manager, helps advertisers to become more strategic in driving increased, and incremental, sales from the channel, including:

  • New categories have been implemented to help advertisers be more strategic and aid publishers searching for relevant codes and offers.
  • More detailed search functionality, enabling publishers to search by keywords, category, validity period, minimum order value or by specific limitations.
  • Add a minimum order value on voucher codes to help drive up average transaction values.
  • More sophisticated features enable advertisers to be more strategic and targeted, including a feature for codes targeting new customers only and distribution of exclusive code.
  • All vouchers or filtered groups can now be downloaded in CSV format.
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