Affiliate marketing is one of the most dynamic channels in online marketing, with so many ways for affiliates and advertisers to integrate and promote. Because of this wide variety of ways to work, affiliate marketing can sometimes feel like a minefield, particularly from a technology perspective and especially for those advertisers new to the industry.

Until now affilinet has provided its clients with relevant technical documents, codes and documents from within the affilinet advertiser portal. This meant that the documents were only accessible to those on the advertiser side who had login information, meaning technical documentation had to be forwarded on to other departments such as the tech team.

This internal forwarding of documents or tracking codes did on occasion lead to delays and misunderstandings between client account management teams and their tech departments, typically during the integration process. Not only did these misunderstandings lead to delays in getting programmes up and running, affecting revenue, but it also meant that it was difficult to communicate and implement future updates and upgrades to affilinet technology.

To remove these issues and to streamline the entire technical integration and upgrade process, affilinet is proud to launch the affilinet Developer Hub. The hub is an open and easily accessible portal containing all relevant technology information which will be regularly updated.

The affilinet Developer Hub, accessible via, is the single point of reference for developers and technical teams for advertisers, publishers, agencies and any 3rd party vendors. 

affilinet Developer Hub

Here you will always find the latest versions of our external tools and relevant documentation for tracking and web service interfaces without the need to login to the platform. Furthermore you also have access to the right support contact for technical issues and will always be notified regarding code updates due to the (GitHub-)” watching” function.

By bookmarking and using the affilinet Developer Hub, developers will always stay up-to-date and critical errors and delays in programme integration and upgrading can be avoided. 


 Click here to get to the affilinet Developer Hub hosted on GitHub


affilinet Developer Hub
affilinet Developer Hub


If you have any further questions, please visit our
                affilinet Developer Hub

Please note:
Each program is property of its respective developer. affilinet does not provide any support or guarantee. Furthermore, due to the complexity of the web services, the affilinet support team does not give any technical assistance in the development with XML.



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