Affiliate marketing is a form of performance marketing, allowing publishers to monetise their site or other sources of online traffic (e.g. email databases or search-engine activity). Affiliate websites earn income based on actions they generate for advertisers online—as an actual purchase (cost per action), as a customer registration (cost per lead) or as traffic to the advertisers site (cost per click).

We can help you to manage affiliate marketing website activities. Our technology tracks, reports and manages payment. Our platform offers access to detailed statistics and a broad range of innovative tools to optimise activity and grow revenue. affilinet's future-proof technology helps to establish sustainable growth for all of our partners. We work with large European brands, as well as many exciting specialists and our international platform offers access to over 3,500 advertisers across multiple markets.

affilinet is committed to being ethical. We support the IAB in steering and working groups to further the industry and promote best practice.

It's free, so join our network, partner with brands and start earning commission.

How do I become an affiliate website publisher?

Partner with relevant brands and start earning commission today. Whether you're just starting out or you’re an affiliate expert; our future-proof platform provides you with all the tools you need to optimize your website and maximize your earnings. Sign-up is free, and there are no bank details required. Plus, with our automated tracking process you’ll receive payment within 15 days of a validated action.

We recognise the importance of forming a solid partnership with our advertisers. To maintain this level of quality all publisher account applications are approved by our Network Quality Team. That way, we can guarantee our advertisers high-quality publishers, and connect our publishers with brands that add real value.

Can I track the performance of advertisements on my affiliate website?

State-of-the-art tracking is an essential part of a high-performing affiliate website. Our technology has been developed over the years to meet the evolving needs of advertisers and affiliates alike. affilinet provides real-time tracking of all sales and leads, at every stage—ensuring that affiliate site owners are always paid fairly and on time.

Cookies are the most effective method of tracking for affiliate sites. This means that when an Internet user visits an affiliate website a cookie is automatically dropped on the system. Inside the cookie is the publisher ID, advertiser ID, and the number of the ad. This information can then be accessed using the affilinet interface where you can gain valuable insights, such as which adverts have been viewed and on which websites. If a customer clicks an ad, this is immediately recorded, including the time. If the visitor makes a purchase or registers, then this is also recorded and fed into the live stream. Finally, affilinet ensures payment for approved sales or leads—regardless of whether we have received payment from the advertiser.



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