Lead generation campaigns are a way of generating consumer interest by reaching out to prospective customers on behalf of advertisers. This gives consumers an opportunity to express an interest in a product or service, by requesting a call back, brochure, or more information. We’ve developed an award-winning lead generation offering at affilinet having built up relationships over the years with hundreds of premium advertisers and can partner publishers with some of the biggest brands in the industry.

We are very selective about the campaigns we take on and always consider campaigns from a publisher perspective, making sure that proposed payouts (CPLs) are competitive and profitable. affilinet provides real time lead reporting inclusive of all KPIs to ensure activity can be monitored on demand.

Dedicated support is provided by an experienced account manager who will manage the entire campaign process and advise both publishers and advertisers on optimising traffic and making the most of lead generation campaigns. We can also take care of the creative design, making sure that it’s responsive for all devices. Regular order validations are carried out which helps with monitoring the average cancellation rate (scrub rates). Sub ID functionality is easily enabled for publishers to be able to further optimise and monitor the traffic they are driving.

The affilinet interface allows for complete transparency between advertisers and publishers as it allows both to keep up to date with performance.

Publishers can get in touch with the publisher team regarding what is live if they are interested in running lead generation programs.



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