Mobile is a rapidly evolving landscape with customers increasingly embracing mobile technology to research, compare and buy products. The increasing relevance of smartphones, tablets and mobile web offerings means it is vital for businesses to keep abreast of changes in customer behaviour and exploit the potential of a mobile affiliate network in the retail and performance marketing landscape. Advertisers are increasingly utilising the mobile channel for their advertising and marketing strategies, providing visitors with mobile optimised websites and apps for maximum customer engagement. Just like native advertising and programmatic buying, premium mobile advertising is now an indispensable part of the industry.

Mobile commerce is one of the fastest growing customer acquisition channels. At affilinet we can help you prepare for this industry shift and provide a technology platform that will enable you to optimise your performance marketing strategy and gain access to lucrative mobile affiliate programs. By leveraging the affilinet platform to maximise the impact of your mobile offering, you will increase sales conversions, boost revenue and add value to your mobile channel.  Our reliable and secure tracking system also allows you to track and analyse performance of your mobile affiliate marketing strategies across mobile devices

Mobile Tracking

As one of Europe's largest networks, we offer mobile affiliate solutions to reliably track and credit conversions, making it easier for affiliates to utilise the mobile channel to drive sales. affilinet's reliable and secure tracking technology measures performance on publisher and advertiser websites, allowing you to analyse and optimise performance.

Standard Mobile Creative for Apps and Mobile Offerings

Whether rich media or native advertising, mobile affiliate offers can be employed across a range of formats. Many of our advertisers offer mobile creative and the following formats enable easy integration:

Mobile Marketing

With more and more consumers turning to mobile, we can help you realise its full potential as an advertising and marketing channel through our mobile affiliate marketing programs. This begins by providing visitors with a fully optimised mobile experience, which enhances the consumer experience and ensures user-friendly shopping. Many programs already have fully optimised mobile versions of their online shops with embedded affilinet tracking code and banners that are custom-built for mobile. The affilinet platform offers a wide range of effective options to enable you to find the right creative and advertisers for your mobile offering.

Vouchers in Mobile Commerce

Voucher codes can play a valuable role in driving impulse buys, motivating mobile consumers to complete transactions in-store and driving foot traffic. Targeting mobile consumers with location-based offers as they pass a store is a great way to engage shoppers and positively impact in-store sales growth.

Device statistics

Our detailed device statistics provide an overview of all mobile activities enabling you to drill down and analyse each step of the sales funnel (views, clicks, transactions). This powerful tool enables you to discern exactly which devices are influencing profitability and driving service uptake and delivers actionable intelligence for your mobile affiliate marketing strategy. Detailed diagrams and tables show brand, model, browser,  and operating system used by customers for transactions ­- statistics that help focus and effectively drive ad strategy.



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