With affilinet, publishers can partner with advertisers most likely to appeal to their target audience, allowing them to increase online conversions and ensure sustainable growth. As a key international player and one of the largest affiliate marketing networks across Europe, we have a broad selection of affiliate programs in multiple markets and operate across all verticals.

Become an affilinet publisher and gain access to a wealth of programs that will drive sales and advertisers that will generate revenue. Our advanced pan-European affiliate platform makes it easy for you to network with the right advertisers and optimise your website traffic.

affilinet works with more than 3,500 advertisers across Europe. The UK has a particularly strong selection of retail and travel advertisers but there are opportunities in finance, utilities, automotive and many other areas.

Find a complete list of advertisers in our program overview.

How does affilinet help me find the best affiliate programs?

We believe that affiliate marketing is an art. Since 1997 we have developed top affiliate programs to ensure your affiliate marketing strategies are successful. Working with more than 3,500 advertisers across multiple sectors and markets, affilinet’s future-proof, international platform allows you to find the best affiliate programs in the UK and abroad.

Finding affiliate programs to complement your website is simple. Search by category or specific terms and you will find related offers suited to your industry or sector. You can also see an overview of our latest program launches to ensure you are at the cutting edge of affiliate marketing. Whatever your target audience, affilinet can help you find the best affiliate programs and foster long-term and profitable relationships.

As a publisher, how can I learn more about affiliate programs?

The affilinet team is on hand to help you learn more about our offers and ways to promote our range of affiliate programs. As experts in the field and one of Europe’s leading performance marketing networks, affilinet also provides you with the resources you require to develop your strategies. We are passionate about performance marketing and we want you to sustainably grow your business in the most effective way.

affilinet organises regular events to allow publishers to network with advertisers on the network, find out about the latest technologies and more. We give you the opportunity to meet, build relationships, and develop your strategies. Our blog brings you all the latest news from the affiliate marketing world, including information on the top affiliate publishers and best affiliate programs. Whilst our publisher newsletter brings you the latest offers and affiliate programs once a month, straight to your inbox.



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