Just three simple steps: register, partner with top brands, and start earning money.

1) Register

Simply click the link to register for an affilinet account and discover how easy it is to make money from advertising on your website. Our network quality team will then check your application and quickly approve your publisher registration. On approval, you will receive your publisher ID to log into the affilinet interface. When you log into the affilinet interface for the first time, you will be prompted to complete your affilinet profile and account details. Once this is complete, you can apply for programs and begin advertising on your website.

2) Apply for programs

Our platform allows you to browse and partner with our advertisers in order to sell advertising space on your website. We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions for our publishers including our detailed program search and Match Master tools to assist in forming relationships.

It really is as simple as searching for the advertisers you wish to partner with, and then applying to their programs.

Once an advertiser approves your application, you can begin to utilise the broad range of creatives available. Additional tools, such as content in the form of product widgets and voucher feeds, provide relevant content and offers to drive pre-qualified traffic, boost click and conversion rates and maximise revenue.

Product and performance data is also available remotely via our WebServices APIs—allowing you to monitor the advertising on your website and optimise your strategies. Our platform delivers data in automated and flexible formats, including more than 50 million product data records and innovative product widgets and product APIs. Publishers can harness our network to optimise their web offering and automate the content of their website specifically for their audience.

3) Start earning money

Use our links to promote advertising for your website and drive traffic, we’ll do the rest via tracking, reporting and payments. You can start earning immediately—it’s as simple as that.

Feel free to drop us a line at uksupport@affili.net.

How can I increase advertising on my website with affilinet?

Established in 1997, affilinet is committed to developing intelligent, insight-driven solutions for our customers. Naturally, increasing the advertising on your website is our number one priority. We work with more than 3,500 advertisers from a variety of industries and sectors in order to foster long lasting partnerships that benefit both publishers and advertisers alike. This means that high-performing solutions come as standard, and your business can continue to grow with the expert support of the affilinet team. We lead by example and it is our ambition to shape the future of performance marketing.

How do I get paid for advertising on my website?

Once you have signed up to the affilinet portal, your payments are automated in order to help you concentrate on growing your business without becoming restricted by excessive administration. What’s more, affilinet promises accurate and punctual payments regardless of whether the advertiser has paid or not. Start getting paid when you earn as little as £25 or more. Our broad selection of programs ensure that there are payment models suited to all types of publisher, with the option of choosing CPA, CPL, CPC models, or any combination of the three. Get started with affilinet today and learn more about how to make money from advertising on your website.



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