affilinet offers access to a broad choice of advertisers in multiple markets and operating across all verticals. We make choosing the right creative easy and efficient for publishers.

Depending on the program selected, we offer a broad range of attractive ad formats and rich data product feeds available through the affilinet platform inlcuding:

  • Banners in all IAB standard ad unit sizes
  • Text links
  • Product data feeds featuring product information such as image, price, description, etc.
  • Newsletter templates
  • Flash films and video ads

Our network also offers publishers the opportunity to integrate a range of dynamic, context-sensitive creatives into their online properties. These creatives provide product information from a continually updated data feed, thus allowing publishers to personalise their offering to their audiences and ultimately increasing conversion rates.

Publishers can use the data to create banners (referred to as product widgets), which display a single product or rotate up to eight different products, all of which update automatically.  Alternatively they can join the "affilinet Dynamic Creatives" program and integrate a one-off code that is updated on a continual basis according to the sector of interest. Product data can also be downloaded as a CSV or XML product feed, which publishers can then import into their own databases, product catalogues or online shops.

A great option for those looking to automate processes and reduce manual input to a minimum is to utilise our APIs, which offer real-time access to the affilinet product database and allow you to automate queries.



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