affilinet has released the first in a series of intelligent advertising formats aimed at simplifying the process of making money from blogging and online publishing. The two products, Performance Ads and Performance Links, automate both display and native advertising, via our user-friendly platform.

Performance Ads, offers banners (display ad formats) in most of the industry standard sizes, which means creative will be available from the maximum number of advertisers.  Brands working with affilinet run campaigns on a CPM, CPC and a CPA basis; this means that non-paying house ads are a thing of the past.  Many of these banners will be targeted based on user behaviour and feature prices where possible, so engagement will be higher than other market solutions.

Performance Links automates the placement of tracking links within editorial (native) content.  Initially just starting with text monetisation, Performance Links will analyse the content of a website in real-time and add tracking links where relevant to keywords within the body of the page.  Traditionally applying these sorts of links has been very time consuming, as has keeping them up to date.  This is not an issue with Performance Links, just like its sister product, integration is via a single JavaScript snippet, and out of date links and campaigns are automatically removed by the ad server, maximising revenue.

affilinet’s payment threshold is one of the lowest out there at £25/25€ meaning that smaller content publishers and bloggers will get paid sooner.  It is also worth knowing that affilinet has been going since 1997 and is owned by giant digital business United Internet (the same company that owns 1&1 and GMX), so you can rest assured that we will be running rock solid technology and will pay our bills on time. We even handle all the 'boring' bits such as payments and invoicing, so publishers can focus on doing what they do best; creating fresh compelling content for their audience.

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Make money from your site
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