Our user-friendly and intuitive platform makes it easy to monitor payments and efficiently manage advertising activities and partnerships.

Once affiliates have logged into the publisher portal, either manually or via our social media login, important information is available at a glance:

  • Message box outlining active campaigns and the latest programs
  • An instant overview of account status and all payments
  • Inbox with direct messages from advertisers

Building partnerships

Our network's sophisticated search capabilities with advanced funtionality helps find the programs most relevant to the publisher's website and target audience. Publishers can also utilise the Match Master tool, a proprietary solution that uses an intelligent algorithm to find relevant advertisers.

Affiliates are also offered the opportunity to complete a publisher profile, which gives advertisers a quick overview about them and their affiliate activities. It's been proven that completing information considerably enhances the chances of being contacted by advertisers.

Managing multiple accounts

If managing more than one website or source of traffic, our affiliate platform offers a user-friendly overview that lets affiliates monitor multiple accounts at a glance and determine exactly what is driving traffic and generating revenue.




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