We recognise the importance of developing great relationships with our publishers and, as such, managing pay per click commission payments to ensure our publishers get paid punctually and accurately. affilinet is the only network to pre-pay their publishers for approved sales or leads, whether payment has been received from an advertiser or not.

Pay per click in real time with affilinet. Our robust tracking system follows the customer journey from the first impression, through to the purchase (or registration). An action will be shown as credit pending on the platform until the advertiser confirms the sale or lead. Payment is made in the middle of the month for sales and leads greater than £25.

The broad range of pay per click affiliate programs on our network ensures that there is a payment model that suits every publisher’s needs and traffic source.

Pay per click affiliate payment models include :

  • CPA: Cost per Acquisition (percentage of sale value)
  • CPL: Cost per Lead (fixed rate for actions, such as conclusion of an agreement, a registration, participation in a survey, registration for a test drive/newsletter, ordering a catalogue, etc.)
  • CPC: Cost per Click (fixed rate paid when a user clicks on a banner advert, also often credited on a CPM basis - cost per thousand clicks)
  • Or any combination of these

What is PPC affiliate marketing?

Pay per click—also known as PPC or cost per click—affiliate marketing is a method of online marketing whereby advertisers pay a certain amount whenever an Internet user clicks on one of their ads. This is where the term pay per click comes from—essentially, it expedites the process for businesses looking to attract users to their websites, culminating in a paid service as opposed to attracting visitors organically. Pay per click packages are highly lucrative and efficient—two of the core principles of performance marketing here at affilinet. An advertiser may pay a nominal fee for a single click, but if that click ends up in a sale, then the cost per click turns into a huge profit. A win-win all round.

How do I become a pay per click affiliate?

affilinet’s network of advertisers covers multiple verticals—from travel and tourism to online retail, and many more. So, whatever your website is about, you can become an affiliate partner with affilinet and start earning money on a pay per click basis. Simply register your interest by completing our simple sign-up form. We’re sure we’ll find a number of suitable partners from our high-quality, extensive list of advertisers. In addition, signing up with affilinet is free, takes no more than a few minutes, and is completely secure—your information stays safe. Discover how to get started with pay per click affiliate marketing and start monetising your website today with affilinet.



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