affilinet Assist is  the new statistics tool which identifies the contribution of individual publishers in the customer journey.

Today, users are increasingly using blogs, topic websites and comparison sites to research before a purchase, and these sites are playing a decisive role in the customer journey. However, these mid and long tail publishers are frequently driving interest at the beginning of the sales funnel and therefore don’t often benefit from the ‘last click wins’ affiliate model.

affilinet Assist allows publishers to see where they have assisted sales and not won but also where other affiliates have assisted in the purchasing journey and the sales they have won.

affilinet Assist offers the following technical features:

  • Overview of overwritten and overwriting publishers by business model

  • Overview of assists and orders by top programmes

  • Detailed overview of assists and orders by all programmes

  • The possibility to filter data

affilinet Assist is more than a new statistical feature

affilinet Assist is more than just a statistics feature. It brings clarity to the purchasing journey and makes it possible for you as a publisher to see not just the sales you have lost but also the sales you have won. Where sales have been lost, it opens up discussions regarding the optimisation of your advertising inventory.



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