APIs or application programming interfaces give publishers and developers real-time access to the affilinet system. The APIs can be accessed through our user-friendly Web Services portal, which enables information and processes to be automatically delivered and embedded into publisher’s proprietary systems.

We offer API codes in a range of programming languages including .NET, PHP and to a certain extent for JAVA for the pre-defined methods. And our APIs fall into several different categories, including:

Account web service
The account API offer publishers an overview of their affilinet account, including new transactions, new partnerships, changes in commissions and other general information.

Program list web service
Offers publishers the ability to search for new, relevant programs from across the affilinet network using a pre-defined set of criteria, such as sector, available ad formats, commission rates and more.

Statistics web service
The statistics API provides publishers access to the data within their account, enabling them to run reports, drill down into the performance of a single program and into their traffic structure using affilinet Sub-IDs. Statistical web services are particularly useful for publishers with large volumes of traffic and transactions in the affilinet platform.

Product web service
Offers access to the affilinet product database including over 50 million products across Europe. This API includes all product information, such as product description, image, category and the respective retailer, down to details such as colour and size of product, enabling publishers to automatically pull information according to their audience requirements.

Creative web service
This API offers publishers automated access to all advertising creative made available by their advertisers.

Inbox web service
An API enabling publishers to manage their affilinet inbox, which includes messages from the advertisers, rate change notifications, partnership status updates and other messages relevant to their account.

Further information can be found within the affilinet developer portal.



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