Our new Consent Wizard® solution has been specially developed to help publishers comply with the EU ePrivacy Directive on tracking and privacy.

The EU ePrivacy Directive (and thus tracking cookies) is currently a topic for much heated debate and many website owners are unsure how it should be implemented. Most national legislations across Europe now also stipulate that publishers make a provision for data privacy consent on their websites.

To help our publishers deal with this complex subject and to ensure the required transparency, we have developed a simple but effective tool. The Consent Wizard® helps website owners to configure a consent layer that complies with the EU Directive and is simple to integrate. The consent layer provides information on the storage of tracking cookies and an option for customers to opt in or out.

We offer three versions of our consent layer, which cover all current legal regulations of the EU countries.

  • Implied Consent (the consent layer is located at the edge of the screen and only contains brief information with a link to a data protection page. The opt-out option is on the data protection page.)
  • Explicit opt-in (the consent layer is super-imposed across the website and the user is required to consent to the placement of tracking cookies in order to visit the website.)
  • Explicit opt-out (the user is given the option to reject the use of tracking cookies, but is still able to visit the website. There is no tracking if the user opts out).

The Consent Wizard® offers a legally sound text template for all consent layer versions. However, publishers can also adapt the text and buttons of the layer to suit individual requirements.

The consent layer is simple to integrate; publishers have the option to specify whether or not, and according to which time frame, an "opted-out" user is prompted again to consent to tracking cookies.

Our solution equips publishers for the future in a constantly evolving digital landscape and ensures the transparency required by law.

Adapting the Consent Layer

The Consent Wizard ® provides a detailed and legally sound boilerplate for all consent layer variants. The text and buttons of the layers can be changed and adapted to various requirements.

Integrating the consent layers involves generating a code snippet and simply inserting after the body tag  into the publisher's website. Publishers have the option to flexibly determine the period, if and when the user is asked again about whether they would like to accept cookies in the event of rejecting tracking cookies the first time they visit the publisher's website.

ePrivacy Directive

The aim of the EU ePrivacy Directive is, among other things, to oblige marketers and website owners to provide Internet users with more comprehensive and transparent information prior to implementing cookies or other technologies to capture online visitor information. One of the requirements of the directive is that all online users must give their consent to the use of any mechanisms that store and track user activity. The Internet is a rapidly changing global marketplace and we see this as a great opportunity to leverage the Directive to implement improved service levels.

And while the ePrivacy Directive does not in itself represent any form of national legislation it will form the basis for national laws within Europe.  



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