affilinet dynamic creatives are designed to provide publishers access to up-to-date and relevant display adverts with minimal effort and integration required.

The creatives are generated using real-time product feeds from the affilinet platform, and use automatic and intelligent keyword search and a range of targeting mechanisms to ensure a constant flow of context-sensitive display ads that complement the website content. Publishers can also tailor their offering to regional audiences using new geo-targeting options like language and location, further increasing click-through and conversion rates.

Retargeting can also be used to deliver targeted ads and offers to users based on their previous actions and behaviour. When a potential customer visits a website, retargeting can be used to place display ads of online shops the user previously visited. This makes the shopping experience more personal and relevant, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of campaigns and boosting conversion rates.

But instead of having to partner with individual advertisers, publishers simply need to apply for the "affilinet dynamic creatives" program and select their preferences in order to receive a constant supply of up-to-date display ads relevant to their audience.

Once the affilinet team has approved the application for the "affilinet dynamic creatives" program, banners are made available in one of five standard sizes. And the icing on the cake; you only need to copy and integrate the ad space code once and everything else is automatic!



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