Publishers who have developed their own apps for the distribution of content, be it, news, games, or vouchers have (until now) often struggled to monetise the traffic that they get through display creatives. The reason? A manual webview integration can often be tedious and prone to errors.


affilinet Mobile Publisher Ad SDK

However, affilinet’s brand new mobile Ad SDK for publishers has been designed to address these challenges. The Ad SDK allows App-publishers to integrate the affilinet Publisher-Ad-Container via native methods, into their App. The SDK then displays predefined web-creatives that are configured within the publisher container. Publishers can (should they wish to) always adjust the creatives within the container via the publisher portal, which means there is no need to touch the code in the App anymore.


The functionality of the Ad SDK doesn’t stop there though. We’ve also integrated our web service API for product data as well, meaning publishers have access to more than 100 million products. This development opens a huge range of opportunities for publishers to develop new business models and apps.






As with all affilinet products though this is just the start, as there are several updates planned for the Ad SDK in the near future. One of the first enhancements to arrive will be the ability for the SDK to provide ad mediation connectors for market based/current mediation platforms that publishers are already using. This is to ensure that publishers are get the best yield optimisation from all partners.



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