Traditionally affiliate network banners only feature one brand and have to be placed contextually by publishers; in other words a publisher needs to apply to each and every affiliate programme and wait to be accepted, then they effectively hard code a banner against specific content, unless they are using an ad server.  This means that visitors to specific page can only ever see the message of one brand, regardless of whether that is relevant to them.  affilinet believes this approach lowers publishers’ earnings and is ultimately the reason why many content publishers such as bloggers take an alternative approach to monetising their websites.

In contrast to the above approach, our new product Performance Ads allows publishers to take just one ad code per ad unit on their site, it then uses intelligent, data-driven, customer-led targeting to serve the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

Performance Ads, offers banners (display ad formats) in most of the industry standard sizes, which means creative will be available from the maximum number of advertisers.  Brands working with affilinet run campaigns on a CPM, CPC and a CPA basis, meaning publishers’ ad slots can be automatically optimised to make them the most money possible from their campaigns. Many of these banners will be targeted based on user behaviour and feature prices where possible, so engagement will be higher than other market solutions.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Quick and simple sign up to the affilinet platform
  • Easy integration of intelligent display ad units into your site
  • Targeted adverts mean more relevancy for your readers and ultimately more earnings from your website
  • Get paid when you earn as little as £25/ 25€

We’ve made it really easy to get started. Publishers can apply for an account and access our copy-and-paste ad code within a few minutes. So give it a go and sign up today!




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