Easy integration of profile-based advertising

affilinet’s WordPress advertising plugin delivers all the benefits of highly trackable, intelligent digital advertising via a simple point and click interface. WordPress users can integrate our data-driven advertising solution "Performance Ads" without any programming effort on your site. This allows you to monetise with WordPress seamlessly, bringing targeted advertising to your users easier than ever before.

Our new solution places emphasis on convenience, allowing users to integrate affilinet’s Performance Ads technology into their WordPress blog in a matter of minutes; without the need to edit any code! Easy installation also allows you to get started with the WordPress blogger plugin straight away, bringing relevant ads to your readers and greater earnings for your website.

Users of WordPress’s self-hosted edition can download the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository, sign-up to the affilinet network, and launch and manage affiliate marketing activity without leaving the WordPress platform. Quite simply, the quickest and easiest way to monetise your site with WordPress.

What is affilinet Performance Ads?

Performance Ads is supported by an intelligent ad server which utilises past user behaviour and recent intent data to optimise which banner is shown on every single page load. This results in improved engagement, click-through rates, and conversions; which means higher earnings from your site! Users can choose from several flexible ad formats and integration options, including page footer, panel or in-text placements.

Automated display and native advertising allows you to take a back seat and let affilinet do the hard work for you; allowing you to create fresh, compelling content for your audience. The WordPress affiliate plugin is just one more way we are working to bring you truly responsive advertising solutions that really speak to your readership. Sign-up with affilinet today and download the WordPress advertising plugin.

What are the benefits of the WordPress affiliate plugin?

The benefits of the WordPress affiliate plugin are evident in its simplicity. Less time managing your advertising offerings means more time to concentrate on your website. Additionally, the ad server for WordPress is perfect for beginners or those who do not have coding experience. Here at affilinet, we aim to provide you with an intuitive affiliate marketing solution that serves your users targeted ads in real-time. The WordPress affiliate plugin is an ideal way to access advanced advertising technology without the need for complex installation or setup. The WordPress affiliate plugin also offers users:

  • Free WordPress advertising widget
  • Easy integration of affilinet Performance Ads – without manual code adjustment
  • Quick and unique access to numerous attractive advertisers
  • Intelligent targeting, thanks to profile-based ad placement, offers website visitors adverts with more relevancy and increases revenues

So how do I get started with the WordPress ads plugin?

  1. Install the affilinet plugin: Log into your WordPress account and select "Plugins" > "Add New" in the navigation menu and search for "affilinet". After installation of the Performance Ads plugin, the respective widget is displayed in your list of plugins
  2. Activate the WordPress advertising plugin: Now, the plugin simply needs to be activated. To do so, select the respective affilinet platform in the plugin and enter your Publisher ID and your web service password. If you do not have an affilinet account yet, complete our simple sign-up process here.
  3. Integrate the widget: You can now integrate the Performance Ads banner as a widget on your WordPress site. Simply select "Design" > "Widgets", and drag and drop the widget into the desired space on your website. Afterwards, simply select one of the ad formats and save. For in-text integration: To place the Performance Ad banner in an article, open the respective article in the editor. Click on the space in the text and integrate the affilinet widget by selecting an ad format in the menu.



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